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Tales of Symphonia



Während des Kampfes - sei es direkt am Anfang, zwischendurch, beim Erhalten von Schaden, oder auch am Ende: Die Charaktere haben jeweils bestimmte Sätze, die sie hin und wieder sagen.

- Lloyd
- Colette
- Genis
- Raine
- Kratos
- Sheena
- Zelos
- Presea
- Regal
- Gruppe

Lloyds Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"This is gonna be a piece of cake."
"This is gonna be tough."
"Wow! There's a lot of them!"
"All right, let's go!"
"Don't let up!"
"Let's go all out!"
"Let's do the usual."
"Reinforcements huh?"
"Holy Cow!"

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Just as I expected!"
"I was just warming up."
"You picked the wrong guy to mess with."
"All right!"
"That was way too easy."
"It just wasn't your day."
"That was easy." *gähnt*
"Not bad, am I?"
"... Did... did we win?"
"Is... is everyone all right?"

Am Ende von speziellen Kämpfen:
"I did it... I've avenged my mom!" (zu Kvar mit Kratos in der Gruppe)
"Mom, I hope you were watching..." (zu Kvar ohne Kratos in der Gruppe)
"I know you were holding back!" (zu Kratos)
"I...won't lose to you!" (zu Kratos)
"We trusted you..." (zu Zelos)
"It's not over yet..." (zu Mithos)
"Goodbye...Mithos" (zu Mithos am Ende)

Erhalt von Schaden:
"Pretty good!"
"We have to think of something!"
"No way!"

Bei Tod:
"No... I... don't believe this..."
"I'm sorry... Dad..."
"You're gonna pay!"

"Not a chance!"
"You okay?"
"Let's get out of here!"
"Gotta know when to go!"
"Forget what I said about running!"
"Let's go guys!"
"I'm counting on you guys!"
"Okay, let's do the usual!"
"That's enough, guys!"

Colettes Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"Don't worry, leave it to me!"
"We can do it!"
"Be careful, everyone!"
"Let's go!"
"Here comes more of them!"
"There's a lot of them!"
"Looks really strong!"
"Oh, no..."

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Good job everyone!"
"I hope you learned your lesson!"
"There! Hehe!"
"That was easy!"
"There! *lässt ihr Chakram fallen* Whoops! Hehe!"
"Pretty good, right?!"
"Ow... Is everyone all right?"
"It's finally over..."

Erhalt von Schaden:
"I'm dizzy..."
"Why just me?"
"I can't believe it!"
"I can't concentrate!"
"Oops... I messed up."

Bei Tod:
"I'm sorry, everyone..."
"How could you?"
"No... NO!"
"No... Lloyd..."

"Something's coming!"
"You okay?"
"Let's be more careful next time..."
"Maybe not!"
"Let's do the usual!"
"Martel, guide us!"
"Let's do that one plan!"
"Back to the usual!"

Genis' Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"You're gonna regret this!"
"They're going down!"
"Don't you guys let up?"
"Let's get this over with!"
"This isn't our day."
"There's too many of them!"
"Look at this big guy!"

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"I feel good today!"
"All talk, no action."
"Man, that was pathetic!"
"That was too easy!"
"Keep working on it, okay?"
"That's what you get for messing with me!"
"And don't come back!"
"Did...we make it?"

Erhalt von Schaden:
"This is annoying..."
"No way!"
"We're gonna die!"
"Don't bother me!"

Bei Tod:
"You're going to pay!"

"Taking me on with magic?"
"Watch out, okay?"
"Try and catch us!"
"Forget it!"
"Let's do the thing we learned!"
"Let's try that one!"
"Let's do the usual!"
"Forget what I said!"

Raines Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"Not much of a specimen..."
"One fight after another..."
"Be careful, everyone!"
"Let's begin the research!"
"This is going to be an arduous battle."
"We must be merciless!"
"This is ridiculous!"
"What an abnormal sized specimen!"

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Was that a bit too much?"
"Oh... Over already?"
"That should help my research."
"We've no time for silly games!"
"That wasn't too bad."
"Not a bad excercise, was it?"
"That was rather poorly handled..."
"Perhaps we made a tactical mistake..."

Erhalt von Schaden:
"I was just careless!"
"Don't get in my way!"
"We're in grave danger!"

Bei Tod:
"I'm... Sorry...
"You're not going to get away with this..."
"I guess I wasn't strong enough..."

"Watch out for the spell!"
"Be careful."
"Thank you!"
"We need to move!"
"We need to be more careful next time!"
"We don't need to retreat!"
"Just like I taught you!"
"Remember what I told you!"
"Remember, just like we practiced!"
"We'll do the usual."
"I got it!"

Kratos' Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"Don't get too comfortable."
"Take them down quickly!"
"Don't be intimidated by their numbers!"
"Give them no quarter!"
"One right after another..."
"This is a dangerous situation."
"Size does not equal strength."

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Blame your fate."
"Enemies deserve no mercy."
"You can never escape fate."
"I cannot die until I fulfill my duty."
"Never stood a chance..."
"Never had a chance..."
"That's that."
" Never thought we'd have this much trouble..."
"I still have a lot to learn..."

Erhalt von Schaden:
"Won't work."
"Aren't we clever..."

Bei Tod:
"I won't let you take any more lives!"
"I failed..."
"Forgive me..."

"Be careful!"
"We need to pull back!"
"There's no need to run!"
"We're going with the one plan!"
"Follow my orders!"
"Here's our chance..."
"Cancel the formation!"

Sheenas Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"You're in for a world of hurt."
"Time to die!"
"More Battles?"
"This is gonna be a tough battle."
"How many of you are there?"
"Wow... It's big!"

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"That's that."
"That was disappointing."
"That's it? I was just getting started!"
"Heh, heh... Evil doesn't stand a chance."
"Regret messing with me? Well it's too late now!"
"Everybody's counting on me..."
"It's over."
"Who's next?"
"I thought I was gonna die!"
"We made it!"

Erhalt von Schaden:
"I messed up..."
"No way!"
"You've got to be kidding me!"
"Don't mess with me!"
"We're in trouble!"

Bei Tod:
"I'm gonna take you out...!"

"This can't be good..."
"Be careful!"
"Time to go!"
"See ya!"
"We're not done yet!"
"Just like we planned it!"
"Let's try that one thing!"
"Try the Mizuho tactic!"
"Forget what I said earlier!"

Zelos' Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"This is gonna be cake."
"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!"
"You guys stalking me or something?"
"You wanna tussle? Huh?"
"Uh-oh, this might not be so good."
"You guys part of a gang or something?"
"Well, well, aren't we a big boy?!"

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Not even a contest."
"That was so easy!"
"I bid thee adieu... Just kidding!"
"Man, I rule! I'm sooooo coooool!"
"I'm too pretty! Seriously!"
"Don't worry, there's hotties up in heaven too."
"That was pretty good, wasn't it?"
"Thanks for making me look so good!"
"Man... This sucks!"
"Ungh! That was rough!"

Erhalt von Schaden:
"Not the Face!"
"This takes concentration, you know."
"Man, I feel like a chump..."
"I give up."

Bei Tod:
"What a sorry way to go..."
"How could you do that?"
"Now you're gonna pay!"

"Watch out for the magic!"
"Bet you love me now, huh?"
"Here ya go!"
"Let's skedaddle!"
"Live to fight another day, right?"
"Just kidding!"
"Love ya!"
"Let's just do whatever!"
"Make me look good, okay?"
"We're going with my pimp plan!"
"Sorry, forget what I said earlier!"

Preseas Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"50% output should be sufficient."
"I'm tired of this."
"This is a dangerous situation."
"A large group."

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Let us go."
"Do not bother us."
"We won."
"Do not think ill of us."
"I wanna go home..."
"We are okay."
"Is... everyone okay?"
"Danger has passed."

Am Ende von speziellen Kämpfen:
"I did it, Alicia. I've avenged your death." (zu Rodyle)

Erhalt von Schaden:
"Will nothing change?"

Bei Tod:
"Good bye."

"Thank you."
"Let us retreat."
"Let us return to battle."
"That one."
"As usual." (
"Will we end this?"

Regals Kampfzitate

Beim Einstieg in den Kampf:
"I don't care for pointless battles."
"We have no choice but to fight!"
"Grrh... More enemies!"
"This is a powerful opponent."
"Let's see if numbers will make up for their lack of strength."
"Humph, you think you can beat me with size alone?"

Am Ende des Kampfes:
"Do not think ill of us. We had no choice."
"That was pathetic."
"Goodbye, worthless enemies."
"Redemption still eludes me..."
"I cannot stop until I've atoned..."
"It's fate..."
"That was a tough battle..."
"We survived..."

Erhalt von Schaden:
"Ungh! I was careless!"
"Not a chance!"
"Trying to get in my way?"
"We're in grave danger!"

Bei Tod:
"I'm sorry!"
"I was too late..."

"We've got to stop the spell!"
"Do not overexert yourself."
"Thank you."
"We can still fight!"
"We'll go with that one plan." (
"You know what to do."
"As planned."
"That's enough."


Diese hört man nur, wenn man bestimmte Teammitglieder in seinem Team hat und einen Kampf erfolgreich abgeschlossen hat.

Lloyd, Colette:
Colette: "Heh, heh, heh... I'll protect everyone!"
Lloyd: "Thanks, Colette!"

Colette, Genis, Kratos:
Colette: "Our weapons are love!"
Genis: "Justice!...and"
Kratos: "Ungh...Hope."

Lloyd, Colette, Genis:
Colette: "Wow Lloyd, you looked really cool!"
Genis: "I'm starting to wonder about your tastes, Colette."
Lloyd: "What's that supposed to mean?"

Lloyd, Colette, Genis:
Genis: "Dwarven Vow number 7..."
Colette: "...Justice and love will always win!"
Lloyd: "Ungh... I hate that saying!"

Lloyd, Kratos:
Kratos: "Let's hurry on."
Lloyd: "Man... I didn't get to do anything..."

Lloyd, Raine:
Raine: "Lloyd, I want you to remember that enemy's weakness. "
Lloyd: "Awww man, you're making me study here, too?"

Lloyd, Colette, Raine, Sheena:
Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?!"
Colette: "You were great Lloyd!"
Sheena: "You're incredible!"
Raine: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Heh, heh..."

Lloyd, Genis, Kratos:
Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?!"
Genis: "Yeah, Lloyd, you were great!"
Kratos: "We're counting on you."
Lloyd: "Eeeh..."

Lloyd, Genis, Zelos:
Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?!"
Genis: "Yeah, Lloyd, you were great!"
Zelos: "You're the best!"
Lloyd: "... It just isn't the same..."

Lloyd, Raine, Sheena, Presea:
Lloyd: "Did everyone see me?!"
Sheena: "You're incredible!"
Raine: "We're counting on you."
Presea: "You were amazing, Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "Heh, heh..."

Lloyd, Colette:
Lloyd: "Colette...need cure for poison..."
Colette: "Oh, I'm not poisoned, Lloyd!"
Lloyd: "No... I mean... me..."

Lloyd, Raine, Kratos:
Lloyd: "How's that?"
Kratos: "Overconfidence breeds carelessness."
Raine: "You need to focus!"
Lloyd: "... I'm sorry..."

Lloyd, Colette, Sheena, Zelos:
Lloyd: "Victory..."
Colette: "..belongs to..."
Sheena: "...the most..."
Zelos: "...Sexy! Dead Sexy!"

Lloyd, Presea:
Lloyd: "Presea, no one can stand against your axe!"
Presea: "The enemy has been defeated. We should move on."
Lloyd: "Cold..."

Lloyd, Presea:
Presea: "Enemy defeated."
Lloyd: "Presea, no one can stand against your axe!"
Presea: "Uh... Thank you!"

Lloyd, Regal:
Lloyd: "Look at Mr. President, strutting his stuff."
Regal: "Ungh..."
Lloyd: "Hahaha! You're turning red!"

Genis, Raine:
Genis: "I'll protect you, sis!"
Raine: "I'm counting on you."
Genis: "Heh, heh, heh, heh."

Genis, Presea:
Genis: "I'll protect you, Presea!"
Presea: "And I'll protect you too, Genis."
Genis: "Uh... okay..."

Colette, Raine:
Raine: "What was that enemies' name?"
Colette: "I like Poochie."
Raine: "No dear, I meant the species."

Raine, Sheena:
Raine: "This is not an inn, dear."
Sheena: "Be quiet you cold hearted witch!"
Raine: "Let's just leave her here."

Lloyd, Sheena:
Sheena: "Are my Seal Spells amazing or what?"
Lloyd: "Yeah, your moves are definitely awesome."

Colette, Sheena:
Sheena: "And don't come back!"
Colette: "Eeeh, I don't think they can come back!"
Sheena: "... Uhm... You're becoming more like Lloyd, aren't you?"

Colette, Raine, Sheena, Presea:
Sheena: "Well, don't think you can beat us just because we're women."
Raine: "Women are better suited for battle, you know."
Colette: "I won't lose. I have to protect everyone!"
Presea: "We will always win."

Sheena, Zelos:
Sheena: "Did you see my attack?"
Zelos: "Oh yeah, Baby. I was watching all right."
Sheena: "For some reason, I don't think that was what you were focusing on."

Lloyd, Zelos:
Zelos: "No one can stand against the great Zelos!"
Lloyd: "You mean no one can stand you."
Zelos: "Lloyd, that was seriously harsh."

Lloyd, Genis, Zelos:
Zelos: "See that? Super Zelos' attack is invincible."
Lloyd: "So who should we fight next?"
Genis: "How about that red-headed Chosen-guy?"
Zelos: "Whoa, whoa, you're kidding right?"

Colette, Sheena, Zelos:
Zelos: "See that? Now tell me you didn't fall in love."
Colette: "Yes! It was incredible!"
Sheena: "Yeah, Raine's special attacks are ultracool."
Zelos: "I wasn't talking about her..."

Sheena, Zelos, Presea, Regal:
Regal: "We must protect..."
Presea: "... this world..."
Sheena: "... with our own hands."
Zelos: "And speaking of hands, I think I'll put mine..."
Sheena: "Ungh, idiot!"

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